Wizetrade Suite

Wizetrade Stocks

Wizetrade Stocks transforms complicated market data into a user-friendly red light-green light trend indicators and easy-to-follow charts.

Wizetrade FOREX

The Forex market, the market in which the currencies of the world are traded, dwarfs all other financial markets in the world, trading trillions of dollars each day.

Wizetrade Options

Trading stock options provides the opportunity to take full advantage of stock price movements—up, down or even sideways—at a fraction of the cost of buying the stock.

Wizetrade Commodities

With its built-in calculator tools that investors can use to manage risks, Wizetrade Commodities provides access to over 50 of the most liquid, diverse electronic commodities markets.


WizeFinder and Option Hunter

No time to scour the markets for potential trades? Let our scanner tooks, WizeFinder and Option Hunter, do the work for you!

CommandTRADE Suite


CommandTRADE, when used in conjunction with an integrated broker, helps traders eliminate emotion from their trading. Simply set your trade parameters by using a predefined, user-defined or custom strategy you create. CommandTRADE will enter and exit trades according to your exact instructions—even if you are not at the computer!


The market that never sleeps meets the product that never sleeps! CommandTRADE FX, when used in conjunction with our integrated broker, becomes an automated trading solution that enables FOREX traders to take advantage of the extended hours of the currency market. Define the perfect trade. Find the perfect trade. Make the perfect trade!

LightWave Suite


LightWave is a comprehensive tool that enables traders to view, analyze and execute trades in all the major markets from the same trading platform. You can track and monitor FOREX, stock, futures and options trades from one central location, providing you with proprietary Pressure Charts that have been used by over 160,000 people in their trading, as well as Price Charts for more advanced trade analysis. Whether you’re looking for a way to learn to trade, or you’ve tried other programs with little or no success, LightWave may be the answer to more confident trading.

Live Market Alerts

Live Market Alerts

Some Alerts services charge as much as $500, but you get our Live Market Alerts as part of the All-Inclusive Package. Live Market Alerts can give you a unique advantage. Rather than sifting through thousands of charts and news stories, Live Market Alerts provide you with the latest chart analysis and breaking news events delivered directly to your desktop, email inbox or mobile device. That way, you can devote your time to the things that matter most – making informed trading decisions with confidence.

Live Market Alerts will keep you in the loop on the latest information, including:

  • Potential trading opportunities
  • Breaking news events
  • Major overall market movements
  • Support and resistance in LightWave Pressure and Price Charts
  • General market commentary and more!

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